Thursday, September 6, 2012

I'm not impressed, Leila...

Mashrou' Leila posted on their Facebook page, Tuesday September 4th: "we will not be opening for the red hot chili peppers on september 6 in beirut"

So, I love Mashrou' Leila and I've listened to their music, watched them perform, reviewed them, met them, interviewed them, and supported them in general for quite a long time... But I'm no fan of their decision to back out of opening for the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert tonight. They knew what they were getting themselves into when they agreed and heavily advertised and promoted their performance. It's very unprofessional to back out last minute, even if they decided to do so due to threats or "solidarity" with whatever cause. I'm not impressed, Leila...

What do you think?
Picture: Live from the EL Hal Romancy Concert at the Hippodrome

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Supporting some local music...

Being half Lebanese - though I actually think of myself as a "purebred" Lebanese ;) - and proud, I've created this blog in order to support and promote local talents, i.e: Lebanese talents! There are tons and tons of current talents of various backgrounds, styles, and motivations. Some express their talent in the form of music, others through film making, painting, designing, writing.... The common thread that lies between all of these wonderful artists is the fact that they are Lebanese, and for the most part, proud to be so. Those are the talents I like to support.

Roswell is a band that's been around for quite some time now. I remember watching them perform live at a university sponsored music festival (AUST, Saida) when I was just starting to build my interest in music and live events, which was years ago. First of all, their musical style is heartwarming and pleasant to listen to in a live performance. It's nothing too heavy on the ears, yet not so mellow that it becomes boring. They  have some great originals- 2 albums worth, to be exact- and own up to some great renditions of modern hits by 3 Doors Down, Creed, and the likes. This short introduction does them no justice; however, it is necessary in order for me to be able to bring to light the release of their first music video.

Like No Other is one of Roswell's original songs, and, in my opinion, it exceeds expectations, especially for the style and genre the band covers. I was really impressed when I heard the song, and accompanied by the music video, it really is mind-blowing- to think that the music, acting, directing, filming, and production were all done locally is uplifting.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Parachutes - Unlimited Art - Act 2

Presenting more photography, live music, short films, and even a poetry reading, the second edition of "Parachutes" took place on Wednesday, August 15 and was yet again proof that the arts are not extinct in Lebanon. Although a smaller group of people showed up at Nova Club to be a part of the audience, the headcount was still pleasing, and, all in all, the night was very entertaining! Roland Azar, on sound, had it all under control with the system’s set-up and maintenance. Nathalie Jeha and Rachel Maksoud were looking Rocker Chic as they presented their event and introduced the artists while Patrick Mitri snapped away with his camera.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Parachutes - Unlimited Art -

The idea is to have a once-a-week gathering of like-minded artists, performers, and talents to present and discuss what they have to offer. Organized by Nathalie Jeha, Rachel Maksoud, and Roland Azar, the first installment of “Parachutes” was held at Nova Club in Sin El Fil on Tuesday, August 7, 2012. The night presented music, short films, and photography, all courtesy of some very talented, newly surfacing Lebanese artists. The inspiration for the event came about when Nathalie decided it was time to gather as many artists as possible under one roof, in one event, to highlight their abilities and to help push them into the spotlight.