Sunday, September 13, 2015

Boutique Hub: Minimal Is The New Black

Boutique Hub owner, Cynthia Chamat
Boutique Hub is home to the beautiful creations by Cynthia Chamat, self-taught Lebanese fashion designer. Her pieces are minimalist and very unique, reminiscent of a calm, serene feeling with her chosen palate of earth colors. 

As she watched and learned from her father, a fashion retailer himself, Cynthia finally took the long road through the fashion industry after pursuing Law, Politics, and Communications. Her boutique is now located in Sodeco, Beirut, and she is always ready to style you from head to toe with her very unique style. 

If you're into simple yet classy and chic fashion in every earth color imaginable, Boutique Hub is the place to go!

Check out an interview with Cynthia about her journey and work, below...

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Nadine Feghaly: Vivid Color And Imagination

Nadine Feghaly by Dominika Plonska
Nadine Feghaly, Lebanese visual artist, book illustrator, graphic designer, and blogger, has been a major inspiration to me for many years now. In fact, I first started writing and blogging years back after following Nadine's blog Viola'.

Her illustrations touch on everyday thoughts and feelings that are quite relatable and are expressed in such vivid colors! Nadine's work has been featured in many exhibitions in Beirut and Barcelona as well as several children's books. She even has a collection Viola' for Sarah's Bag as well as her own set of products with illustrations on laptop sleeves, totes, jewelry, postcards, tshirts, pillows....etc.

This super talented artist now lives in Barcelona, but her thoughts and heart are always with Beirut. I am so glad to get the chance to share Nadine's work...

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Youssef Nassar: The Ladder Of Success

Youssef Nassar
Lebanese/Canadian Photographer Youssef Nassar nurtured his passion for photography and film as a Radio/TV student at Notre Dame University (NDU) in Lebanon, and, since then, he has climbed the ladder, making it to the international industry and representing Lebanon with his exquisite talent.

Dark and macabre themes resonate in Youssef's photographs. Recently his work in the music video industry has taken him on a journey alongside someone who he calls his idol,  the prog rock wonder Steven Wilson (a favorite of mine too!) He has definitely made a name for himself in the local arts scene, and now, as he paves his way on an international level, he is certainly a character to keep tabs on!

I had so many questions on my mind to ask Youssef as I've been a fan of his work for quite some time now; the dramatically touching themes and general vibe of his photographs are inspired by the music he listens to and are eye catching, to say the least.

Here is the exchange we had...

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Lebanon: Enough Is Enough

Although today I was planning to post an interview with Lebanese photographer Youssef Nassar, I decided instead to refrain from doing so as, in light of the current situation, I feel it inappropriate and disrespectful to speak of anything other than the current crisis our country is facing.

Picture from yesterday's protest by Patrick Mouzawak taken from Facebook

Sunday, August 16, 2015

RockRing: They're Back!

As I was once a metal/rock enthusiast, the news was music to my ears: RockRing is back! After a 3 and a half year hiatus, RockRing is back with its main pillars Roy Naufal, Maher Mardini, and Elie Salloum. Their comeback event, the 4th installment of Summer Fusion, will be hosted at Mocean (Kaslik) on August 28, 2015.

Summer Fusion is one of their signature events with previous installments in 2008, 2009, and 2010. This year 14 bands of various genres and styles will take to the stage for a concert that is, without question, the biggest platform for local bands. Aside from live musical performances, your ticket will grant you access to the pool and beach at Mocean, starting 11 AM and going on into the night.

I sat down with the guys for a very fun chat (which quickly turned into a chicken wings and fried pickles feast). Here's what they had to say...

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Lara Zankoul: From An Idea To Reality

Lara Zankoul by Cathy Lê Thanh
It all started by leafing through fashion photos in magazines.

Then, at the age of 21, she started splitting her time between her corporate job and her love for photography.

Since then, Lara Zankoul has risen to become an iconic piece in the Lebanese photography scene.