Saturday, March 12, 2016

Sarah Younes: Taking On Rome

Sarah Younes

As a lot of Lebanese artists, Sarah relocated to  Europe in order to pursue her dreams, but she  still keeps Lebanon in her heart and in her  work.

 Her art is raw and stems from a mix of  inspirations. Starting as a Graphic Design and  Multimedia student at Notre Dame University  in Lebanon, she moved on to study at the  Rome University of Fine Arts in Rome, Italy.  There, she has made a name for herself among  the local and expat art community by  exhibiting her work and taking on several  interesting projects. 

As I am also currently living in Rome, I am happy to say I got to see one of her exhibitions, and I could not be prouder, for she is spreading the face of Lebanese talent and art abroad, instead of the face of corruption and violence which Lebanon is mostly known for overseas.

Sarah has been a good friend of mine ever since our teenage years, and I am very proud to be sharing her work and a little bit about her background.